When Is Embalming Necessary?

Quite often when a loved one passes away and the funeral arrangements are underway, the topic of embalming will be discussed. The funeral home will often suggest it, but it's generally an optional extra. It's not required for the majority of burials or cremations, but there are instances when it might become necessary. So when is it optional, and when is it required? When Embalming Is Not Recommended Typical burials or cremations don't require embalming, and it's very much a personal choice.

Why A Cremation Can Be Much Easier For Loved Ones

When it comes to deciding whether to bury or cremate a loved one, many people choose the traditional burial just because it is what everyone in their family has done before them. While tradition is no doubt important, when you think about what a burial encompasses versus what happens at a funeral in a crematorium, the difference is big. Before you book the burial, here are a few reasons why you should consider contacting crematorium funeral directors instead, and how they can help you lay your loved one to peace in a much less taxing way.

Is a Birdbath Headstone a Smart Idea?

A headstone's primary purpose is to serve as a marker for the final resting place of a loved one. But what about if it can also have a secondary purpose? If your loved one had a true affinity for the natural world, then you might want this to continue even though they're no longer with you. A birdbath headstone encourages the local bird population to visit your loved one, filling their final resting place with life.

An Open or Closed Casket at Your Loved One's Funeral? In a Way, You Can Have Both

When making the arrangements for your final farewell to a deceased loved one, certain questions will come up, with one, in particular, being potentially difficult to answer. Should the funeral service feature an open or closed casket? Some mourners might appreciate the opportunity to take a last look at their loved one, whereas others might find the situation too conflicting. This latter point can be particularly relevant when there might be children present at the service.